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We have a Winner amongst us!

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Joe BorerMDOur Chief of the Emergency Department received a wonderful letter the other day informing us of a winner within our team! The letter reads like this:

I’m pleased to inform you that one of your medical staff members was selected as HealthInfoNet’s HIE [Health Information Exchange] User of the Month. Each month, HealthInfoNet recognizes one of its highest volume users, highlighting the ways in which they use the health information exchange to support improvements in patient care at their organization.

Our February 2015 User of the Month is Joseph Borer, MD, one of your Emergency Medicine Physician at St. Joseph Hospital.

Below is the write up we worked with him on and will be including on our website and in a number of our upcoming communications to users and other stakeholders.

Joseph Borer, MD, FACEP, is an Emergency Medicine Physician in the Emergency Department of St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor. He’s worked in emergency medicine for many years, coming to Maine three and half years ago from Minnesota. “We had nothing like HealthInfoNet, where I came from,” he said. “It’s an important service that I’ve never had before. It’s increased my ability to take care of the patient incredibly.”

He uses HealthInfoNet regularly to gather medical history on a patient before seeing them. In the emergency room decisions are made quickly and as he explained “HIN allows me to understand who you are medically in a way you may not be able to relate to me during the visit”. It’s common for patients in the ER to have an altered level of consciousness, he said. “But if I can get their name, I can pull up a lot of medical history I wouldn’t otherwise have.” It also helps when he doesn’t think the patient is telling him their whole story, mostly because as he said, “they don’t understand we don’t have the information from other providers in our electronic medical records.”

He mostly reviews past medical problems, hospital admissions, and notes from recent visits to a primary care provider. This helps him better coordinate care. “It helps me understand what your providers are doing and participate in that care in an improved way.”

He added that he’s also seen use of the HIE reduce duplication. “For instance, earlier today, I saw a boy who had problems passing urine. I found that he’d already been seen for the issue in another hospital, a clinic and urologist’s office. I was able to get his images and blood work so I could get a game plan together. I didn’t have to duplicate what had already been done.”

Congratulations to Dr. Borer and St. Joseph Hospital.

GREAT work Dr. Borer! Thanks for everything you do – each and every day!

CLICK HERE for more information about HeathInfoNet and the HIE.

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