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Safeguarding Security is all Important

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privacyNumerous online data breaches, notably the recent hack into Anthem’s customer database, underscores the need for all Healthcare organizations to focus on the need to secure private patient and community members information.

As a caring community on a mission to provide the best care possible, we here at St. Joseph Healthcare have a moral and legal obligation to respect and protect our patients’ privacy.

Healthcare organizations are especially vulnerable to serious consequences if any breach of security occurs, online or otherwise.

Our Organization has many safeguards in place. For example: we train our staff in patient privacy and online security; we have policies and procedures in place that include reasonable safeguards to prevent accidental disclosures of confidential patient information; our computer networks are secured by hardware firewalls to help keep hackers out; we have a secure e-mail system.

All our patients need to be assured that their privacy is safe with us.

At St. Joseph Healthcare we take this obligation seriously.

How safe is your personal privacy against cyber security breaches?
Here are a few tips from experts on how to keep you data secure:
• Make sure your computers and other internet enabled devices have up to date virus protection
• Beware of public wi-fi hot spots; some are not very secure
• NEVER do banking transactions or other sensitive things while on a public hot-spot
• Avoid phishing scams; don’t click on links in, or reply with personal info to, suspicious emails…they could open a virus on your computer. Hackers do send realistic looking emails that look completely legitimate, right down to company logos, fonts, colors, etc.
• Reputable financial institutions and other companies do not solicit your private information via random emails.
• Be secure when shopping or transacting business on the web. Look for the “https:” in the address field of your browser. The “s” indicates you are on a secure web page.

CLICK HERE for more tips on online privacy from

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