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St Joe’s Launches the Mona Blitz Art Cart Program

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On Friday, May 1, 2015, St. Joseph Healthcare officially launched the Mona Blitz Art Cart Program, designed to enhance and beautify the surroundings for inpatients during their stay at St. Joseph Hospital.

Mary Prybylo, President and CEO of St. Joseph Healthcare, unveiled a commemorative plaque that hangs in the Hospital in Mona’s honor. The art for the Mona Blitz Art Cart Program was generously donated by Sandy Blitz, Mona’s husband. Approx 60 pieces will make up the Art Cart Program.

Mona was a resident of Hudson, and was a former patient of St. Joseph Hospital and Hospice of St. Joseph. She passed away in 2014.

Our St. Joseph Healthcare Volunteers will travel around the hospital with an iPad loaded with images of all the pieces of available art. Patients will flip through the art that is available, choose a piece and the Volunteer will bring the art to hang in the patient’s hospital room during their stay. Patients are welcome to select a different art piece for the next day if they wish.
The pieces of art have been laminated and will be inside a thin metal frame and can be easily removed from the frame, cleaned and put back into rotation.

One thought on “St Joe’s Launches the Mona Blitz Art Cart Program

  1. Bravo to St. Joseph’s Hospital and to Mary Prybylo CEO for having this dream
    What a wonderful thing for patients and staff and visitors
    I am proud and pleased to take part it is both a privilege and an honor

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