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Five tips to help your child become a budding entrepreneur

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jumpEver spotted signs that your child may have the smarts and attitude of an entrepreneur? Are they incredibly savvy dealers when it comes to a game of Monopoly? Or perhaps they’ve taken selling cupcakes for a school fundraiser to a level Alan Sugar would be proud of. For parents who want to help nurture their child’s natural business skills, here are five key tips that can help them do just that…

Give the leader something to lead

Many qualities associated with leadership come naturally to people. These are often inherent traits entrepreneurs are born with, yet there is plenty a parent can do to help water these seeds.

Encouragement can come from something as simple as letting your child take some of the responsibility for a family activity like planning a picnic or playing games at the park.

Get them to draw up a list of tasks and equipment needed and delegate who in the family can help with each task. They’ll find it fun whilst also realizing how much work and preparation needs to go into something they may otherwise take for granted.

Make them comfortable with risk

Being successful in business means having to take some risks along the way.

Giving children the confidence to try new things and backing them if things go wrong can really help them develop.

Children are often discouraged from taking risks in school and giving them some kind of framework to try out things that carry a degree of uncertainty can help shape character.

For me personally, a pivotal moment when I was starting out in my career was my father reassuring me that I would always have a bed at home if things didn’t work out when I took a risk or aimed high. Letting your child know that failing isn’t the end of the world could be one of the best things you do as a parent.

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