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Corey Hamilton – Sleep Expert by “day”; cyclists by “night”!

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We had the pleasure of spending some time with a very amazing gentleman who works among us here at St. Joe’s … Corey Hamilton from the St. Joe’s Center for Sleep Medicine!

Corey has a great story.

Corey has been with St Joe’s for over 5 years as a Sleep Technologist, and had a unique way of landing this position. He did 2 years of on-the-job training, passed the board and he was IN! He is thankful for the opportunity to work at St. Joe’s and to help patients with their sleep issues.

In the 45 minutes we were there, he cared for 3 patients, took 2 phone calls and did so with such a positive and upbeat manner. You can just tell, the positive energy that Corey exudes, and it spreads to everyone he is around.

The story does not stop there …

Just over a year ago, Corey lost his left leg to amputation.
Just under a month ago Corey completed the strenuous Trek across Maine fund raising event from The American Lung Association.

Trek across Maine
The Trek Across Maine is a 3-day, 180 mile cycling event from the mountains of Sunday River to the sea in Belfast. As the largest fundraising event of its kind in the nation for the American Lung Association, the Trek has raised more than $22 million in the past 30 years. With more than 2,000 cyclists and 750 volunteers, this is a one of a kind journey!

Corey has wanted to do this event for years; being a guy who sets goals and strives to break them, he took on this challenge – full steam ahead! This was the first year he attempted this trek, and his results were, with no surprise, outstanding!

His team, comprised of 8 riders [2 amputee riders, 3 paraplegic hand cycle riders and 3 able bodied support riders], rode for Maine Adaptive Sports team sponsored by Hanger, Inc.

Corey recalls the encouragement, camaraderie and support all along the way – this aided in him keeping motivated the whole time.

So, not only did he turn 30 this year; he accomplished a goal that was near and dear to his heart!

Click on this quick video to hear some words of wisdom from Corey and what keeps him motivated.

Thank you Corey, for being a model employee here at St. Joe’s.

Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

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