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Grab your hat and sunscreen and let’s go for a Walk!

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boardwalk-trailDepending on where you go in Bangor, the city may take on the persona of an aspiring “big” city, it may come across as a small town, or it may appear to be a shopping mecca. But tucked away among the city’s busy shopping centers, quiet neighborhoods and downtown weekday traffic you can find quiet getaways to walk or bike through open fields, along a country stream or marvel in the silence of a natural forest — all within 10 minutes of almost anywhere within the city.

Holding on to its strong relationship with the natural environment that stayed relatively free from the big-city influences of Boston and New York during its infancy, Bangor has some of the finest walking and biking trails that will appeal to all nature lovers or those who just want to take a break. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a deer or moose at Essex Woods, or a muskrat at one of Mount Hope Cemetery’s ponds.

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