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Community Veggie Stand at St. Joe’s

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OFFSt. Joe’s owes a huge THANK YOU to Jason Osborne of The Osborne Family Farm for supplying an abundance of fresh garden vegetables weekly to our Community Vegetable Exchange Stand. The Stand is open every Friday from 11AM – 1PM at the Broadway entrance of our main hospital.

Here’s the wonderful story behind this generous weekly donation …

Enter – Jason Thompson.
A Boy Scout pursuing the rank of Eagle Scout. Jason had a great idea; he was interested in building St. Joe’s a proper vegetable stand for his Eagle Scout project.

Jason met with Renee Bouchard [our wonderful Volunteer Coordinator here at St. Joe’s], talked about his idea to build us the veggie stand and also expressed a desire to connect St. Joe’s with a local farm to ensure vegetables would be available to the community each week.

That was when Jason put Renee in touch with the Osborne Family Farm.

Since then, Jason Osborne and the Osborne Family Farm has been supplying produce to our Community Exchange Vegetable Stand. Produce that has been donated has included cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, summer squash and buttercup squash.

The Osborne Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in Charleston, Maine, growing a variety of fresh market vegetables and dry heirloom beans. Their produce can be purchased from local supermarkets and at their farm. Through their website customers can purchase dry heirloom beans.

The amount of produce donated each week has been very generous and has provided nourishment to many community members and for that we are very grateful.

Veggie Stand 2015hand

Here is the contact info:
Osborne Family Farm
305 Ridge Road
Charleston, Maine

Jason Thompson is going through the approval process for his Eagle Scout project; he will be raising fund and building us an incredible veggie stand for next year! We will be sure to celebrate when it arrives!

Thank you Jason and Jason!

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