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Decorate a Cake … or a dozen cupcakes!

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CakeConWe are always looking for something fun to do with the kiddos, or something different to do with friends and family … right?

Well, I have the perfect idea for you and your family! Cake Concoctions on Water Street in downtown Bangor!

If you have a child’s birthday coming up or a special anniversary … or just want to gather up the gals for a night out; contact Basant at 207-941-6450 and she will set you up with a great experience! You need four or more people in your party and you will go home with not only amazing baked goods that you decorated but also treats and a goody bag as well.

She will provide everything you need; just bring drinks and snacks, if you’d like, a sense of adventure and humor and you will be all set.

CLICK HERE for all their services. I pre-warn you … you will want to go there directly and start tasting these incredible concoctions! Have fun and don’t forget the milk!

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