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The use of Antibiotics during the Flu season

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flubugCLICK HERE for a great video about 5 key myths of antibiotic use.

Here are the first two …

Myth 1. They can cure colds and the flu.
Not so. Antibiotics work against only bacterial infections, not viral ones such as colds, the flu, most sore throats, and many sinus and ear infections. Read more about when to use antibiotics, and when to skip them.

Myth 2. They have few side effects.
Almost 1 in 5 emergency-room visits for drug side effects stems from antibiotics. In children, the drugs are the leading cause of such visits. Those side effects include diarrhea, yeast infections, and in rare cases, nerve damage, torn tendons, and allergic reactions that include rashes, swelling of the face or throat, and breathing problems. And the drugs can kill off good bacteria, increasing the risk of some infections, including C. difficile. At least 250,000 people a year now develop C. diff. infections linked to antibiotic use, and 14,000 die as a result.

As we approach flu season here in Maine we need to be educated and mindful of what our options are if we get sick.

Thank you Consumer Health Choices.

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