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In the News – Why your new PCP asks so many questions.

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QuestionsDocOur own Cindy Leiffer, adult nurse practitioner at St. Joseph Internal Medicine wrote a great article for BDN.

“Last time I wrote, I reviewed some questions that a patient might consider at a first visit with a primary care provider. As health care providers, we also have questions and concerns when we first meet patients. Most of us are good at asking questions. We are not always so good at explaining why we‘re asking the questions.

We may ask some questions on a registration form before a new patient visit. These would include such as personal and family health history and health habits. A provider or assistant might review that with you at the visit to clarify details. It‘s okay if you don‘t have every detail: It‘s not a test, and we have time down the line to fill in gaps.

Then, there‘s that yes and no check-off sheet with everything from sniffles to chest pain, known as the Review of Systems. Again, we want you to be honest. If you checked “yes” on a lot of these, please know that we may only be able to address them a few at a time. We may have to spend part of your visit together making a priority list…”

CLICK HERE to read the full article. Great job, Cindy, thank you!

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