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Antibiotics: Will They Help You or Hurt You?

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Antibiotics can help you. But they can also harm you.

Talk to your health care provider to make sure you only use antibiotics for the right reasons — and at the right time. If you do take antibiotics, make sure to take full amount that you were prescribed.

Do You Really Need Antibiotics?

Seniors often get antibiotics for:

Bladder infections
Sinus infections
Eczema (itchy, red rashes)
Wounds, or torn skin, from surgery
Colds and runny noses

Before you take antibiotics, ask if you really need them. Also ask about the risks and benefits. Remember, antibiotics don’t work for viral infections, like the common cold.

CLICK HERE to read more from Choosing Wisely. You will find the information piece below at this link as well. Thank You Choosing Wisely and Consumer Reports.


Antibiotics Information from Choosing Wisely

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