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The Need for Sleep – Special Report from WABI

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sleep2If you missed the special report the team at WABI did last week on sleep, featuring the St. Joe’s Sleep Center team and a wonderful St. Joe’s patient – no need to worry, we have it right here for you. Links to both parts of this special report are below. A huge thanks to Dr. Santhyadka, Keith Turner and our patient Jack for taking the time to help with this very important report. We hope you get some good information about the need for sleep. Interested in connecting with the St Joe’s Sleep Center? Call 207-907-1774.

Quoted from the article …

It’s something we all crave – but many of us simply don’t get enough of.

Not money – sleep.

Health experts even call our overall lack of sleep an epidemic.

Sleep experts say the average amount of sleep most of us should get is 8 hours a day – no doubt you’ve heard that before.

But The National Sleep Foundation says Americans get an average of 7-and-half hours of sleep.

20-percent say, on average, they get less than 6 hours of sleep.

So how can we take back our bedtime?

Meteorologist Todd Simcox has been waking up TV5 viewers for 15 years.

He does so with less sleep than most.

Need for Sleep Part One
Need for Sleep Part Two

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