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Choosing Wisely – In the News

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happyseniorsYesterday Amy Kenney, Director of Communications and Business Development at St. Joseph Hospital sat down with Cathrine on WABI TV 5’s Senior Watch. They chatted about Choosing Wisely.

Choosing Wisely is a collaboration of healthcare providers and professionals in the state of Maine, coming together to help the community in making educated choices about their healthcare. There are 5 organizations in the group:
• St Joseph Healthcare
• Eastern Area Agency on Aging
• Bangor Public Health Department
• Penquis

Together they have a mission – educate, inform and enlighten those in our communities to ask questions, to get the information needed to make the right decisions for themselves.

Do you ever find yourself sitting with your provider, not knowing what to say, just trying to understand and take in everything that is being told to you? You had planned to ask question however – once you get in there your mind goes blank! It happens to all of us …
This can cause frustration and confusion. That is not what your healthcare should be like.

It’s time for us to Question It … Know It … Choose It.
Ask your questions; get your answers and make your choice with educated information.

Here are 5 Questions to ask your Provider:
1. Do I really need this test or procedure
2. What are the risks or side effects
3. Are there simpler, safer options
4. What may happen if I don’t do anything
5. How much will it cost and will my insurance pay for it

Watch the TV clip here.



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