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Day 3 of the HR Convention at the Samoset!

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HR Conv20162We are proud to be the Penobscot Bay Workshop Sponsor again this year at the HR Convention at The Samoset. Drop by and see us, right outside the Pen Bay Room.

St. Joseph WorkWell

At St. Joseph WorkWell we can partner with your business to help you protect your employees and keep your health care expenses in line. We offer cost effective, integrated Occupational Health care for employees, management and families, combined with seamless access to all the resources of St. Joseph Healthcare and St. Joseph Hospital. Services include:

Worker injury care
Physical exam screening
DOT/OSHA exams
Regulated drug testing
Fit-for-duty/return to work screenings
On-site occupational medical care
Nurse and medical technician services
Customized comprehensive employee wellness programs

Your Staff IS Your Business.
We Can Help You Protect Them Both.

Offices in Building 1, St. Joseph Healthcare Park,
900 Broadway, Bangor, Maine
(207) 907-3010


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