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Go for a walk this weekend. Cascade Park

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cascade-parkCascade Park is located at 600 State Street in Bangor. You’ve driven by it 100 times, I am sure, driving up State heading to the mall, it’s on your left .. but have you ever taken the time to check out this adorable park? This weekend … they’re calling for nice weather. Grab the kiddos, a picnic and head to Cascade Park.

There is a cool gazebo and water fountain, children love it! Good walking trails and a great little bridge. The picnic tables and large parking lot make it the perfect destination for a nice break in the afternoon!

It is also known as Grotto Cascade Park and is by far the city’s most beautiful park. It also features a lighted water fountain and the water fall … it’s more than 20 feet high! The park overlooks the Penobscot River, it’s such a nice place to visit.

and I thought I’d give you some help with the picnic … so how about “how to pack the perfect picnic!

No-Risk Picnics
Follow simple safety tips when packing picnics to ensure that the only bugs around your picnics are the jealous mosquitoes. When planning your picnic make sure you’ve covered the basics of keeping food properly chilled, handling leftovers and ensuring that your eating area and hands are clean. A good rule of thumb? Upon returning home, if the ice in the cooler has melted, the leftovers are likely no longer cool enough to be considered safe to eat.

Click here for several no risk yummy picnics!

Have a great weekend!


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