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It’s harder to find someone NOT affected by this epidemic…

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KiwiA few weeks ago the team from the BDN produced an event called the One Life Project. If you didn’t attend here is an article from the BDN with 99 ideas for ways to help stop more drug overdoes deaths that came out of the event. I volunteered at this event and was able to drop in on several tables of discussion. This was an eye opening experience … truly … it is harder to find someone who doesn’t have a loved one that is being, or has been, touched by this widespread disease.

This event brought together over 350 members of our community who share a common thought – we NEED to work together to stop this epidemic in Maine. Substance use disorder is changing too many lives; is taking too many lives. The days of looking the other way are over.

Here is a post from Sarah Dubay from PCHC on our #healthyregion blog talking about the event and includes a very impactful video about the plight of a kiwi.

I hope you take a few minutes, read the article and watch the video. Thank you, Sarah.




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