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WellspringWellspring presents its first annual 5K Race for Recovery at the Bangor Waterfront on June 19th at 10:00 A.M.

To sign up for the race, click here, 5K Race For Recovery.

Paper registrations are available to those who call 941-1612 extension 203.

Maine is experiencing a terrifying substance abuse epidemic. This race is in memory of a young man from Maine named Garrett Brown, who lost his battle with substance use disorder last year. Garrett is one of 272 overdose deaths in Maine in 2015.

Many people in Maine struggle to find help and treatment for their substance use disorder. One of the barriers to treatment is not having healthcare coverage. This race is being held to raise awareness and funds to help those seeking treatment without insurance.

Come join us on June 19th, to celebrate Father’s Day by supporting treatment and recovery.

Click here to reach Wellspring Facebook page.


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