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THANK YOU United Way of Eastern Maine!

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This morning a wonderful event happened here in Bangor!

The United Way of Eastern Maine donated $10,000 to the CHLB’s Circle of Caring activity!

Here is the United Way making their Circle!UWCircle

Click here to reach the Circle of Caring Facebook page.

Please join the Circle of Caring … go to our Facebook page and ask to join!

The Circle of Caring is a social media campaign to show our community united, surrounding people struggling with opioid use disorder in the greater Bangor region. How to show your support:

Make your circle.
Take a picture.
Share on social media with #caringcircle
Donate at the website and share your support through givealanche to create an avalanche of support. Challenge others to do the same!

Learn more from our website about opiates, opioid use disorder, and reducing the stigma.

Again, we give GREAT THANKS to the United Way of Eastern Maine!

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