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Do you have this summer cold?

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CWSummercoldOver the past few weeks I have learned of more and more people getting this pesky cold; I got it last Thursday and it’s still holding on with a sore throat and stuffy head. Ugh!

Heading to your primary care provider and asking for antibiotics may not be the answer … as a matter of fact, it may be exactly what you do not want to do!

Click this link to learn about when you should use antibiotics and when you should not!

If you have a sore throat, cough, or sinus pain, you might expect to take antibiotics. After all, you feel bad, and you want to get better fast. But antibiotics don’t help most respiratory infections, and they can even be harmful. Here’s why.
Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses.
Antibiotics fight infections caused by bacteria. But most respiratory infections are caused by viruses. Antibiotics can’t cure a virus.

Viruses cause:
•All colds and flu.
•Almost all sinus infections.
•Most bronchitis (chest colds).
•Most sore throats, especially with a cough, runny nose, hoarse voice, or mouth sores.

Antibiotics have risks.
Antibiotics can upset the body’s natural balance of good and bad bacteria. Antibiotics can cause:
•Nausea, vomiting, and severe diarrhea.
•Vaginal infections.
•Nerve damage.
•Torn tendons.
•Life-threatening allergic reactions.

Click here to read the full report on when you need antibiotics and when you don’t.

Thank you Maine Quality Counts and Choosing Wisely.


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