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St. Joe’s Volunteer’s make many circles for support

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Last night was our Annual St. Joseph Healthcare Volunteer Recognition event. Over 90 volunteers attended with a guest and enjoyed a wonderful evening, meal and many very incredible awards were presented to absolutely incredible people!

Patty Hamilton, Director of Bangor Public Heath and member of the Community Health Leadership Board [CHLB] was the guest speaker. During the evening we talked about the epidemic going on in this state, the need for all of us to make a circle, surround those who need help, give them love and support. Emotional and financial.

How can you join the Circle of Caring? Will you please join our Circle of Caring?
The Circle of Caring was launched by the Community Health Leadership Board [CHLB] of Bangor, a collaborative of health care and human service leaders.

Here’s how you can participate in the campaign to end prejudice against people with substance use disorders and contribute to local solutions:

1. Donate $10 (or any amount) at
2. Make your circle. Post to the Circle of Caring Facebook page.
2. Take a photo. Share online and with #caringcircle.
4. Challenge others to join.

You can see many, many other circles of caring on this Facebook page: click here!

Click below to see some amazing circles from last night.

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