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It’s HOT! Stay Cool; it’s Good for You

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hot_ThermoThe Maine CDC is advising everyone to take precautions as most of Maine is forecast to have unusually hot and humid weather today and tomorrow. Older adults, infants and people who work outdoors or in hot environments are most vulnerable.

In addition, the Maine Bureau of Air Quality is forecasting poor air quality during the same period for coastal, Western and interior areas of Maine. People with heart or lung disease, the elderly, teenagers and children should reduce prolonged or heavy exertion in these areas. Click here for more information on air quality forecasts.

Maine CDC reports that rates of hospitalizations and Emergency Department (ED) visits for all causes – as well as for heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, and diabetes – were significantly higher during the hottest days of the last decade than during the cooler days. And during heat waves in 2010 and 2011, Maine CDC saw notable increases in hospitalizations and ED visits for heat illnesses.

The best advice: avoid the hot sun, drink plenty of fluids (not alcohol) and keep an eye on elderly loved ones and neighbors to make sure they are not suffering ill effects from the heat.

For more advice from WebMD on how to beat the heat and stay well, click here.

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