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National Surgical Technologists Week

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September 18-24, 2016, is National Surgical Technologists Week!

Have you ever wondered what a Surgical Technologist does? Surgical Technologists are an integral part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to patients. They work under the supervision of a surgeon to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures, ensuring that the operating room environment is safe, that equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety. Surgical Technologists possess expertise in the theory and application of sterile and aseptic technique and combine the knowledge of human anatomy, surgical procedures, and implementation tools and technologies to facilitate a physician’s performance of invasive therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Before a surgery takes place, a Surgical Technologist will:
–  Make sure surgical instruments, drapes and solutions are sterilized.
–  Gather surgical equipment and make sure it is working correctly.
–  Prep patients by cleaning and disinfecting incision sites.
–  Position and drape patients accordingly.
–  Monitor patient’s vital signs and checks charts.

During procedures, the Surgical Technologist stands next to the surgeon and the patient, helping the surgeon with equipment throughout the surgery, expediting surgical procedures by swiftly passing and skillfully using appropriate surgical instruments, and monitoring surgical instruments and supplies to ensure no foreign objects are retained.

After a surgery, a Surgical Technologist’s main responsibility is to count sponges and supplies to ensure no instruments were left inside a patient.


Please join us as we give a huge THANK YOU to all of St. Joe’s Surgical Technologists!
We appreciate your hard work!





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