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In the news – St Joe’s partners with Good Shepherd to help those with food insecurities

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wvii-food-bagsThank you Kaitlyn for helping us get this information out to the public.

Click here for the full press release.

Click here to watch the clip.

BANGOR – A new program offered by a Bangor hospital is helping to make sure some patients don’t go home hungry, providing them with food so they wont have to make the choice between buying medicine or eating.

 St. Joseph’s hospital is pairing with Good Shepherd Food Bank and helping the community one grocery bag at a time. They’re providing a free grocery bag to patients struggling with food insecurity, by providing them with a free grocery bag of non perishable items to take home.

“The bags are packed with a couple weeks of food” said Lori Fecteau, the Community Health and Hunger Program Manager for Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Although the program started just one week ago, they’ve already been receiving positive feedback, giving out over twelve bags. Fecteau says, about 16%  of the community is suffering with food insecurity. Fecteau says people who are food insecure have higher risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. In time, they hope to give more bags to people in need.


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