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It’s PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week! Thank you for all you do!

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periop-nurses-weekThe nation’s 60,000 perianesthesia nurses will highlight and celebrate their work during PeriAnesthesia Nurse Awareness Week (PANAW), which is observed throughout the United States the first full week of February.

Perianesthesia Nurses care for patients before and after procedures requiring anesthesia, sedation and analgesia.  Approximately 40 million surgical procedures take place in the U.S. each year.

The 2017 PANAW theme is, “PeriAnesthesia Nurses:  Skilled in Nursing, Professionals in Caring,” and the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN), in conjunction with its forty chartered components, will recognize the extraordinary work its nurses perform throughout the year.

Here at St. Joe’s our incredible team of PeriAnestesia nurses gather and review medical heath history, complete physical assessments, IV insertion, prep our patients to go into their operation safely while all the time talking and caring and making them comfortable.

During recovery (first & second stage) this team will monitor vital signs, manage comfort (pain/nausea), education our patient and their family for safe post-operative home care.

When asked what Peri-Op nursing means to a few of our team here at St. Joe’s they said they enjoy educating the patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible during this potentially stressful time. Also much critical thinking goes into this specialized care and this is always at the forefront of decisions for the patients.

Here’s a not so well known fact … our RN staff has combined over 250 yrs experience at St. Joe’s!

From all us us – to all of you – THANK YOU for all that you do for our patients. We could not be who we are today without you! Enjoy this week!

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