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March is National Eye Donor Month

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EyesThe invaluable efforts of eye banks and corneal surgeons to restore site are recognized during National Eye Donor Month [NEDM].

For the past 33 years, the Eye Bank Association of America National Eye Donor Month has promoted NEDM to raise awareness of the need to donate eyes and celebrate donors and recipients.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Eye Donor Month to raise awareness about the need for eye donors and to celebrate donors and corneal recipients.

Corneal transplant is one of the most frequently performed transplant procedures. Since 1961, more than 549,889 corneal transplants have been performed, restoring sight to men, women and children ranging in age from nine days to 103 years. More than 90% of all corneal transplant operations successfully restore the recipient’s vision.

You may wonder why you should become an organ donor. Well … there is no substitute for human tissue, the transplantation process depends upon the priceless gift of corneal donation from one person to another.

Click the link below to hear Dr. Cindy Self, Ophthalmologist at Eastern Maine Eye Associates on Downtown with Rich Kimball  with St. Joe’s Minute of Healthy Active Living. Dr. Self chats about the importance of eye donation.

Eye Bank Association of America |

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