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A fun craft for the kiddos – Handprint Lamb

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Thank you Leanne Guenther

This is a cute and easy handprint craft suitable for preschool and kindergarten children — it’s one of those old standards I’m sure most of us remember making as children.


black construction paper (or grey)
white pencil crayon or a silver marker
cotton balls
optional: scissors
optional: wiggly eyes


Place your hand on the black (or grey) construction paper.
Your fingers should be slightly spread and the thumb should be out as far as possible.
Fingers are legs and thumb is the lamb’s head.
Trace your handprint.
Optional: Cut out your handprint.
Glue cotton balls all over the handprint but leave the tips of the fingers and thumb cotton-free.



Lamb Handprint craft
Glue small wiggly eyes onto the head (tip of thumb) or use pencil crayon.
Use a white pencil crayon or silver marker to add a smile.

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