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Happy Providers Day!

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Today we give thanks to all the healthcare providers that are part of this incredible organization! St. Joe’s would not be what we are today without you!

Dr. Heather Evans met with Wayne on WABI’s Healthy Start last week to talk about the importance for having a primary care provider. Click here to watched that news clip.

Healthcare providers dedicate their lives to helping others. They endure years of education followed by more years of residency to gain board certification, and then work even longer hours treating patients. It takes a special kind of dedication to embark on a medical career, and we are all indebted to those who do. You know what… it’s easy to forget just how important good providers are — that is, until we become ill, sustain an injury or have a loved one under their care.

Downtown with Rich Kimball talks about providers day, click the link below to give a listen!

ProvidersDay 2017

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