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It’s National Pet Day!

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Pets bring so much to our lives – but did you know there are also health benefits to having a pet?

Stress Reliever:

Pets can help to relieve stress and may decrease your blood pressure. Watching fish swim can be very relaxing!


Now here’s an obvious benefit – getting outside and walking or running. Now that the snow and ice is gone, it’s prime time to get out into the fresh air. Dogs need a change of scenery and they love to sniff everything!

Beat the Blues:

Had a rough day at work? Coming home to a pet is the best. They are always so happy to see you!

National Pet Day is an opportunity to show some extra love to your pet – or maybe consider adopting one! Here are some links to local animal shelters:

Animal Orphanage – Old Town, Maine

Bangor Humane Society

ASPCA of Hancock County – Trenton, Maine

The Ark – Cherryfield, Maine

Other Maine animal shelters

If you cannot have a pet of your own, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. There are so many ways to help the pets that are waiting for their forever homes – walking the dogs, collecting items the shelter needs, socializing kittens and more!





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