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Easter Reflection – New Life in the Resurrection

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When we rejoice in Jesus’ Resurrection, we also celebrate Christ’s gift of himself, which  transforms us and enables us to become a self-gift  to others. When this happens, we are  renewed by the blessings that Easter gives us. On this day, we rejoice in Jesus’ conquest  of sin and death and anticipate the Holy Spirit’s coming on Pentecost. Jesus continues  with us through his Church, the ongoing gift of his divine presence. We rejoice that our  hard times and pain, like his, will be overcome, and that we will be rewarded some day. Each Easter, by the power of God’s grace, given through the Holy Spirit, we renew our  desire to cultivate our gift of self. We commit our selves anew to our Risen Lord in his  joys and suffering, so that one day we will rise and live forever in his Kingdom, where no  more pain or sadness exist, only God’s all-embracing love. Then will we see how firm faith, steadfast love, and enduring hope prepare us to celebrate eternal life forever.

– From the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops

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