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WVII visits St. Joe’s Regional Breast Care Center and 3D mammography

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Laurie MacLeod, chief technician at St. Joe’s Regional Breast Care Center and Faye Lique, mammography and bone density technician chatted with WVII about the brand new technology being offered to the women of our community.

St. Joseph Healthcare has introduced 3D Mammography, the latest advance in breast imaging, at its Regional Breast Care Center in Bangor.

The precise imaging produced by 3D mammography has definite potential for saving lives. It can find problem growths in the breast much earlier, at a stage when cancer, if found, is most successfully treated.

Along with much improved imaging, 3D mammography is achieved with the same x-ray dose and level of comfort as before. This means there is no increased radiation exposure to patients during a 3D breast exam. The 3D system at St. Joseph Regional Breast Care Center delivers the lowest patient dose of all FDA-approved systems.

The advantages of 3D mammography over standard imaging are numerous, including:
• Clearer imaging even in patients with dense breast tissue, a condition which can sometimes render regular mammography ineffective
• In most non-cancer cases, 3D imaging can by itself ensure a conclusive result, reducing false positives and ruling out the need for biopsy
• 3D mammography can pinpoint suspicious activity at much earlier stages, increasing the likelihood of successful treatment and cure

Click here to watch the spot on July 24th WVII Channel 7 News.

July 24 2017 3D


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