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American Diabetes Month

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Family jumps on beachNovember is American Diabetes Month, a time to communicate the seriousness of diabetes and the importance of diabetes prevention and control. For many years, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has used this month as an opportunity to raise awareness of the disease and its serious complications.

ADA has great information and resources online. Click here to see if you are at risk.

For more information, contact: American Diabetes Association | 800.342.2383 |

Click here for information on the St. Joe’s Diabetes and Nutrition Center.

Within the St. Joe’s Diabetes and Nutrition Center a comprehensive program provides education and training to assist individuals with diabetes in developing self-management skills for use in controlling the disease. The program, which is recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators includes individual and group classes facilitated by certified diabetes educators (CDEs). Individual followup with the registered nurse and/or registered dietitian is designed to promote ongoing success with diabetes management. The center also provides individual medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services; help with insulin titrations, continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump management.

St. Joseph Diabetes and Nutrition Center
St. Joseph Healthcare Park – Building 3
900 Broadway, Bangor, Maine
Telephone: (207) 907-1187

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