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Hernia Awareness Month – What you need to know!

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This month is Hernia Awareness Month and Dr. Pedro Gomez, St. Joseph General Surgery has some helpful medical information about types, symptoms and suggestions to follow when facing hernia surgery.

First, what is a hernia? A hernia is “a protrusion of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening in the body.” Some hernias are present at birth, some come on suddenly, and others develop slowly over a period of month or years.

Some common types of hernias:

  • Umbilical (belly button)
  • Inguinal / femoral (groin)
  • Abdominal (ventral)
  • Incisional (resulting from an incision)
  • Hiatal (diaphragm / stomach)

What are the symptoms of a hernia?

  • An obvious swelling or “mass sensation” beneath the skin or the abdomen or groin that might disappear when you lie down.
  • Sensation of abdominal fullness with or without constipation
  • Discomfort in the groin or abdomen when bending over or lifting

Call your doctor if you suspect you have a hernia. Sometimes hernias require urgent medical care. An accurate diagnosis is important!


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