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Planning for an Unforeseen Health Crisis: Resources & Tips

Andrew Files, Director of Spiritual Care at St. Joe’s, is celebrating National Healthcare Decisions Day by sharing resources and tips that may assist you in planning ahead for an unforeseen health crisis.


Tips – Consider the following: 

  • Talk openly with your loved ones about your wishes
  • Ensure your wishes are in writing, specifically in an Advance Directive
  • Be sure your PCP and local hospitals have copies of your Advance Directive
  • Travel with notarized copy of your Advance Directive
  • Be sure your loved ones know where you keep your Advance Directive

Download & Print:

To connect with Andrew call 207.907.1798 or visit

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet


Jen Curley, BSN, RN, CFCN

During Foot Health Month, Jen Curley, BSN, RN, CFCN (Certified Foot Care Nurse) encourages you to care for your feet by:

  • Looking for red spots, cuts, swelling and blisters on your feet and between your toes every day. If you can’t see or reach them, ask for help or use a mirror. Wearing white socks can help you detect any drainage that may not be seen on dark socks.
  • Carefully washing and drying your feet daily. Soaking is not recommended.
  • Keeping your feet moisturized. Dry skin can lead to cracks, which can lead to infection. Moisturizing between your toes is not recommended.
  • Working with your healthcare provider, if you’re diabetic, to manage your blood sugar.

If you need an appointment, please call the St. Joseph Skin and Wound Healing Clinic at 207.907.1550 or visit:

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“Go Further with Food” During National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is an education and information campaign launched annually in March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing good eating and activity habits.

Julie Hovencamp, Registered Dietitian at St. Joseph Hospital’s Diabetes and Nutrition Center, consistently encourages people to “Go Further with Food” by making eating more fun! She suggests trying a variety of foods while building a rainbow of color on your plate, experimenting with new recipes, enjoying all food in moderation and striving to be active every day.

She recommends these helpful online resources:

For more information or to schedule and appointment with a Registered Dietician, please call St. Joe’s Diabetes and Nutrition Center at 207.907.1187.

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Osteoporosis Can be Prevented: a Few Tips from Dr. Oz

May is National Osteoporosis Month. Did you know that one in two women and up to one in four men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis? It’s true,  says the National Osteoporosis Foundation. But eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help slow or stop the loss of bone mass and help prevent fractures.

In a recent episode of her show, Oprah and Dr. Oz took a look at the actual difference between a healthy spine and one affected by osteoporosis, and Dr. Oz explains how exercise and certain vitamins in your diet can help.

Remember, what you read and see here on our blog is always helpful and educational, but never intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you suspect you have osteoporosis, discuss with your primary care provider!

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Daylight Savings Time …

DSTDid you change all the clocks, the microwave too? What about all your watches? Yes, we sprung ahead this past weekend. How did everyone do?

Here is a very interesting article about some of the effects of this time of the year. This speaks to the importance of getting enough sleep, preparing the night before Monday mornings work so we are not stressed and rushed in the morning and enjoying the extra light at the end of the day.

Spring is coming soon …

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Where to Find Your Local Food Pantry

Our Care Managers have a wealth of community resources at their fingertips – and they like to share! During difficult economic times, it’s good to know our local food pantries are there for us all. Here are some details from Jessica Taylor RN, one of our Nurse Care Managers, about where to find a food pantry near you…

  • Ecumenical Food Cupboard at Hammond St Congregational Church / Located on High Street in Bangor  / Call 942-4381 for details
  • Manna Ministries Food Bank / Located on Main Street in Bangor / Call 990-2870 for details
  • Penquis Commodity Food Distribution / Located on Harlow Street in Bangor Call 973-3500 for details
  • Seeds of Hope Food Pantry at Beacon of Hope Church of God / Located on Ohio Street in Bangor / Call 745-2952 for details
  • Shaw House Food Pantry / Located on Union Street in Bangor / Call 941-2882 for details
  • Good Shepherd Food Bank / Located on Stevens Road in Brewer  / Call 989-4672 for details
  • Crossroads Food Pantry / Located on Wood Street in Old Town / Call 817-6025 for details
  • If you’re struggling to feed your pet, the Furry Friends Food Bank at Eastern Area Agency on Aging is available to help / Located on Essex Street in Bangor / Call 941-2865 for details

St. Joseph Care Managers work with your regular primary care provider to offer ongoing support to those suffering from chronic illness. For more information about our Care Manager program or other community resources, call 907-3333.